Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My experience with Laser Hair Removal

I've lived in a lot of areas in my life and become accustomed to the weather. These places range from Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey. Sometimes when you move from one place to another out of the blue, you will notice that your body will not adjust properly.

For men especially (but also applicable for women), body hair can become a serious issue that can turn even the most relaxing vacation into a complete nightmare.

Even though shaving is a good option, most people who are experienced will recommend Laser Hair Removal. This is for a good reason. Laser Hair Removal is a permanent procedure that smooths out your once hair arms/legs/whatever and leaves you with less moisture retention during humid weather.

Now a lot of people take this for granted, but once I got Laser Hair Removal done, I feel that my investment paid itself off ten fold.

After most of my work outs in the gym, I can no longer feel a bed of "wetness" remaining on my legs due to sweat just being trapped by hair.

When I go swimming, I never have to think about being slow because I have hair on my legs.

And when I am walking through the streets in humid weather, I no longer worry about the hair on my legs causing me to break out in eczema because of retained moisture.

Thank you laser hair removal, you changed my life.


  1. A friend of mine is looking into this because she doesn't like shaving lol.

  2. Any estimate on the price to do such an operation?

  3. Interesting. If I had the spare cash I might consider it

  4. I wonder how much this would cost...

  5. Meh, I like having body hair. Not too much but not too little IMO. balance? :P

  6. Looks great man. I goona do it too

  7. I think I'll keep my manly body hair, thank you very much.

  8. this is quite a good idea, I just wonder about the cost.